Thursday, November 6, 2008

Day 4: Working in working out

Working out is like writing. I love having written, though I don’t always love the process of writing.

Likewise, I love having worked out, though I almost never love the process of working out, especially since I’m still in pain from a bad fall---on granite--back in June. I was so banged up that instead of wearing a sexy little dress to my high school reunion in September, I had to wear an outfit that pretty much covered me from head to toe. Oh, and my friend’s dog bit me the night before, so my leg was bandaged from that, too. Buckets o’ fun.

The Curves workout is especially painful right now because of all the upper-body work and the persistent pain in my shoulders. I’m fortunate in that I can walk to Curves, which is great, except for the fact that successcoach_s_curvessmartit’s all downhill on the way there. Meaning, of course, that it’s all uphill on the way home, after I’ve already pushed my body to the limit.

And then there’s the wind. At 8,500 feet, we get more than our share of wind. The uphill walk is in a westward direction, straight into the winds that routinely pound the Rockies at this time of year. Otherwise, walking is great. I did four miles the other day and actually lived to blog about it.

My biggest problem is time. Walking to Curves, working out, and walking back is an hour and a half commitment. Taking a walk that lasts less than an hour doesn’t feel challenging at all. I realize that simply walking, even for a half hour, is better than nothing at all, but somehow I can’t wrap my head around that. Working a workout into my already overloaded schedule is the real challenge.

But this is war. I can’t forget that. So I’m off to Curves, wind or no wind. No matter how winded I get.

Fasting glucose: 145 (on the way down!)

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