Monday, November 3, 2008

I've declared war!

If, like me, you have Type 2 diabetes, it's likely that you've resigned yourself to a lifetime of challenges that either become the focus of your life or become so daunting that you want to give up. I've faced those challenges in both ways and pretty much every way in between.

But then a mini miracle occurred. The rural area where I live received a grant to provide medical care and guidance to people at high risk for heart problems. As every diabetic should know, that includes all of us. Because I have neither health insurance nor a predictable income, I hadn't been seeing my doctor or getting tested as often as I should have. This program was a godsend.

What astonished me most was that the doctor affiliated with this program was every bit as holistically oriented as my previous doctor had been. Considering that I live in a small mountain town with few doctors, to find two that took a body, mind and spirit approach to diabetes was so unexpected.

Dr. James told me I needed to declare a 90-day war on diabetes. So this is Day 1. I'll post more tomorrow about the specifics of the program I'm on.

I decided to go public with this as a means of accountability and to offer hope to other Type 2 diabetics. To do the latter, I really have to work the program and not give up. If you're doing something similar, let me know so we can encourage each other, okay?

Fasting glucose level: 180

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